meckley's bakeryPeople have been known to travel far and wide for our baked goods. Our bakers get up every morning at the crack of dawn to make fresh donuts, pies and breads. We use only the freshest, high quality ingredients that make our products the absolute best. Our ingredients come from our neighbors farms whether it’s; eggs, honey, milk, fresh strawberries we buy local products first. All of our flour products come from a company only 12 miles away. So stop in and try one of our signature items like an yeast-raised Apple Fritter donut or take home a Carmel Apple Pie.

Meckley’s works year round exploring the back roads, going to countless antique shops and festivals looking for one of a kind products, antiques and locally made items. We are very pleased to have handmade rag rugs, pottery mugs from a local Jackson artist, vintage linens, aprons, and kitchen essentials all complement our bakery.

Our deli features speciality cheese and dry-cured meats. In addition to our private label jams, jelly, salsa, and other pickled items; we now private label olive oils and vinegars.

Remember what a typewriter looks like, or how about a wringer washing machine? Bring the kids out so they can see the precursor to the laptop or the high tech washers we have today. Come out and touch a piece of history, experience it firsthand.