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Merlot Reserve

Dry Red Wine

Like the German Shepherd bold and strong, our Merlot Reserve is a full-bodied, dry red wine coming together with captivating flavors of prunes, black cherry, plum and smokey leather.

Chardonnay Reserve Meckley's Wine
Chardonnay Reserve

Barrel Aged Dry White Wine

The Vizsla stands noble and majestic. Much like this rich and complex Chardonnay boasts lush tropical fruit and a beautiful nose of toasty vanilla notes.

Meritage Meckley's Wine

Dry Red Wine Blend

The German Short Haired Pointer was bred as a versatile and elegant hunting dog. Like the Meritage red, a robust blend works together to create harmonious flavors that highlight berries, chocolate and coffee notes on the palate.

Empress Meckley's Wine

Dry White Wine Blend

The Shih Tzu, sociable and dignified, represents the expression of a well-rounded, off-dry assertive blend to the characters of the wine, great for any occasion.

Sparkling Riesling Meckley's Wine
Sparkling Riesling

Semi-Dry Sparkling White Wine

Boxers are high-spirited and energetic, like this semi-dry sparkler with an ideal balance of flavor ripe apples, a hint of orange and a clean finish.

Amstaff Rosé Meckley's Wine
Amstaff Rosé

Semi-Dry Rose Wine

With a zest for life and full of character much like the Pit Bull, our Rosé wine has berry pronounced character, bright, floral and fruity.

Apollo Red Meckley's Wine
Apollo Red

Semi-Sweet Red Wine

Like the Great Dane, this gently sweet red wine has giant, playful flavor. Allowing it to be a soft and easy drinkable wine.

Northern Highbush Meckley's Wine
Northern Highbush

Semi-Sweet Blueberry Wine

The Labrador Retriever is sweet-natured and outgoing, this lightly sweet wine captures the intense fruit character blueberries with floral spice overtones, pairs well with chocolate.

Boxwood Riesling Meckley's Wine
Boxwood Riesling

Semi-Sweet White Wine

Bright and lively like the Boston Terrier, our Riesling has a cleansing crispness with a distinct grapefruit and characters.

Spiced Haven & Honey Meckley's Wine
Spiced Haven & Honey

White Wine With Natural Peach Flavors and Honey Added

Spunky yet sweet similar to the Yorkshire Terrier this wine exemplifies the complex flavors and aromas, giving the wine an overall invigorating finish.

Bristol Noir Meckley's Wine
Bristol Noir

Sweet Red Wine

As sweet and unique as a sociable English Bulldog, this barrel aged dessert wine exhibits strong fruit character and a lighter body that makes it perfect with sweet desserts or soft cheeses.

Ice Wine Meckley's Wine
Ice Wine

Sweet White Wine

With a spirited boldness and dignified beauty, the Shiba precisely exemplifies this sweet and rich Ice Wine. The nose and taste is of ripe peaches, mango and apricots deftly mixed with hints of honey.